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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Two Funnies Internet Gambling in 2010

Just want to share these two online gambling funny true stories. I swear, I can't help smiling with these silly stories. :)

I know, we're in the New Year, but sometimes it's fun to look back and have a good laugh. Stories that made me laugh and I wanted to tell the poor soul who committed these acts, why?

In Illinois, it is perfectly legal to sue to recover gambling losses if they can prove that the person you are suing deceived, and cheating that resulted in losing your money. And this is exactly what Mr. Crespo is out to do.

This is the story of Scott Crespo, a resident of the state of Illinois.

Throughout 2010, Mr. Crespo played in something like seven online poker tournaments, all which lost. In some of these online poker tournaments he played against some big names and in some tournaments rather than weight.

As you can imagine, Mr. Crespo lost some money, and under Illinois law, saying it is trying to recover six players online in a well known poker deceived. I cannot imagine how it looks with the courts of Illinois, a man losing seven hundred online poker tournaments and then saying that six players who are known to be on top of their game and create a name for themselves in the world online poker deceived.

I think it's time for Mr. Crespo to find a new game easier to play online casino.

Another funny story is I'm quite fond of New Zealand man who won $ 60,000, the online casino refused to pay, claiming he was a banned player. And try to get the gentleman in question asked to be banned from this particular online casino because he had a gambling problem.

He thought that if he was banned from playing he was not allowed to register and play for real money. To me, this sounds like a pretty reasonable logic.

So six years later, the gentleman in question records an account in the online casino, you asked to be banned, maybe you forgot that he asked to be banned for several years before, and goes onto play for real money, winning $ 60,000 playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

It is the opportunity for online casino to pay the man his earnings and realize they are supposed to be banned. Naturally, he refused to pay and, of course, that led to the court.

On one side is a player banned by his own request so you can see how the online casino want to refuse to pay. However on the other hand, the gentleman has asked for a ban and was still able to not only create a player account, was also able to play with real money, which puts the error on the side of the online casino. Last I heard, in this case was that he was still in the courts of New Zealand.

However I have hope that other users of online gambling to learn from the mistakes of these two gentlemen, never be a bad loser and not playing in an online casino, you have been banned.