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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Online Bingo Website Closed

For all online bingo players who enjoy playing bingo at the Titan Bingo, the site has closed.  The site is one of many online bingo sites that was fighting ended early last week.  Many see the brand of online bingo as a way to make money through existing databases of customers. 

The reality is that the British industry online bingo more than likely to grow most small operators in the industry will struggle to survive.  Competition is fierce and the levels of investment required to create a successful brand online bingo is much more than most new entrants in the industry expected. 

About Titan Bingo players who have funds in their accounts or may withdraw or you can spend on gambling sites in the Titan Group (Titan Poker Games Titan). No more bingo games are being played on the site even for people who are already members.

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